Denton, TX Volunteer Rainfall Totals


Denton rainfall totals and rain amounts
or the lack thereof

Last Recorded Rain Amount

Denton, Tx - 76205

0.63" 12/28/15

Today's rain as of

02:42 PM ---08/29/16


Denton Airport Temperature (NWS)


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Other Area Rain Amounts
Updated hourly on the half hour.

Denton (Northside)
Today  0.00"
Last Rain  1.18" 08/26/16

Denton (Northwest)
Today  0.00"
Last Rain  0.28" 08/26/16

Flower Mound No.1
Today  0.00"
Last Rain  0.03" 08/22/16

Flower Mound No.2
Today  0.00"
Last Rain  0.04" 08/22/16

Highland Village
Today  0.00"
Last Rain  1.72" 08/20/16

Shady Shores
Today  0.00"
Last Rain  0.09" 08/22/16

Yesterday's Rainfall:0.00"

Total Rainfall Year-To-Date:36.61"

Average Rainfall Year-To-Date:

Total Rain This Month:4.82" as of 08/29/16

Average Rainfall For :

Max Windspeed:9 MPH at 1:33 PM

Dent. Airport 1hr. Windspeed:7 MPH

10 Minute Average Windspeed:1 MPH (-1)

10 Minute Average Wind Direction:ESE

Current Airport Temp. (NWS):0°F

Today's High (NWS):88°F at 1:52 PM

Today's Low (NWS):0°F at 7:26 AM

Yesterday's High (NWS):91°F at 4:10 PM

Yesterday's Low (NWS):72°F at 7:07 AM

Dew Point (NWS):0°F

Relative Humidity (NWS):0%

Barometric Pressure (NWS):30.05 inHgAccuweather Radar Here

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